Data Center Relocation

A move of any sort can cause significant stress and anxiety for anyone. However, a data center relocation or consolidation has the added pressure of potential disruptions to critical business operations and/or data losses that can severely damage an organization’s overall business and reputation.

The data center is at the heart of the enterprise—a complex, interconnected array of equipment, software and data that drives the business and powers every aspect of the operations. Yet change is inevitable, and as the business grows, companies may find there are mission-critical reasons why such a move makes sense. Some of the reasons companies decide to relocate a data center include:

  • Need to upgrade data center facilities
  • Need to identify cheaper data center facilities
  • Requirements for redundancy — business continuity improvements
  •  Physical data center consolidations as a result of mergers and acquisitions

PacketStorm IP network emulators allow companies to lower the risk in data center relocation by emulating the future company network and demonstrate application performance for the company’s end users before a single server is moved.

PacketStorm emulators can measure and recreate any wide area network including dynamic changing network conditions based on the business operations. By “providing the Internet in a box”, application performance can be tested repeatedly in a lab controlled environment to ensure accurate test results. Following are a few questions that can be answered by these tests:

  • What is the required bandwidth for each application?
  • – What is the acceptable maximum latency for each application?
  • – How does jitter and other packet impairments affect performance?
  • Can each application server handle the requirements of the new network
  • Does the new disaster plan provide adequate application performance?

By using PacketStorm IP network emulators in the planning stage of the company’s data center relocation will optimize the new network resources. Optimization is achieved by reducing the risk of inferior application performance and maximizing profit by ensuring excessive telecom services are avoided.

Contact your local PacketStorm representative to find out more about the family of PacketStorm IP network emulators and how they can help your business.