FEC Testing

Deliver high quality uncompressed content over IP at1GigE or 10GigE that has traditionally been carried over SDI

  • SD (270Mbps) over 1GE or 10GE
  • HD (1.485Gb/s) over 10GE
  • HD (2.970Gb/s) over 10GE

Uses Forward Error Correction to guarantee to quality of the video based on SMPTE 2022-5 and 2022-6.

Test Forward Error Correction interoperability and capability of Real-Time Video Transport over network simulation (network emulation) that is based on SMPTE 2022-5 and 2022-6.


  • SMPTE 2022 – 1/2
  • SMPTE 2022 – 5/6
  • Packet Delay Variation
  • Burst Packet Drop
  • Active Video Test
  • FEC Knockout Matrix
  • Seamless or Hitless Testing

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