PacketStorm Communications Announces 2020 NAB Trade Show


Westwood, New Jersey (March 2, 2020 )
PacketStorm Communications® announced today the company will exhibit at the 2020 NAB Trade Show. The Trade Show is from April 18th to April 22th.


PacketStorm develops network emulators, media analyzers, capture and replay systems, and other advanced Internet Protocol test equipment.  Network emulators provide “The Internet in a Box” by reproducing the unfavorable conditions of wide area networks in a controllable and repeatable lab setting. Media Analyzers monitor and measure SMPTE 2110 applications and networks. Capture and Replay Systems is focused on recording large files for debugging network applications. Other Internet Protocol test equipment include custom designed products for specific customer applications.

More information can be obtained by contacting the Sales Department of PacketStorm Communications at (732) 840-3871 x208 or your local PacketStorm sales representative.

About PacketStorm Communications, Inc.
PacketStorm Communications, Inc. is a test equipment manufacturer concentrating on Internet Protocol applications.  Located in Westwood, NJ, the company was founded in 1998 and is a private entity.  More information can be obtained by calling (732) 840-3871 or by visiting