PacketStorm Communications Announces IP Network Emulator

Eatontown (April 2,2001) – PacketStorm Communications announces the PacketStorm2600E IP Network Emulator. The PacketStorm2600E provides the Internet in a box. The emulator impairs and modifies IP packets in a controllable and repeatable lab setting. The PacketStorm2600E is targeted at higher speed applications requiring network interfaces such as OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, the emulator has the throughput capacity to handle multiple applications with the following interfaces: 10/100 Ethernet, T1/E1, DS3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The Internet’s network performance changes on a minute by minute basis. Therefore, the PacketStorm2600E provides dynamic emulation to re-create the constantly evolving behavior of the Internet. Any network model can be reproduced including those models that change with traffic, time, or the traffic behavior of another traffic flow.

The PacketStorm2600E provides layer two impairments and layer three modifiers for real-time applications over IP networks. The emulator network impairments include: delay, jitter, drop (random, periodic, or burst), duplicate, re-order, bandwidth throttle, fragment (random or MTU), and packet discard. The emulator modifiers change packet header fields. The modifiers include: source address, destination address, ToS, DSCP, TTL, protocol, transport checksum, network checksum, source port, destination port, and the don’t fragment bit.

For Quality of Service (QoS) applications such as voice traffic, the emulator provides five ToS service levels, sixty-four Diff Serv service levels, and traffic conditioning. Each QoS level has independent impairment and modifier profiles. Traffic conditioning emulates the queuing consequences of Service Level Agreements at the edge of the network. Out-of-profile packets can be re-marked for another level, policed (dropped), or shaped (queued until they are in profile). The traffic conditioner’s queuing methods include: WFQ, RED, FIFO, SFQ, Weighted Round Robin, Balanced RED, Prioritized FIFO, Leaky Bucket, and Token Bucket.

In addition to ToS and Diff Serv filtering, the PacketStorm2600E filters packets by source address, destination address, source port, destination port, protocol, and MPLS labels. Each traffic flow filtered by their MPLS label can have an independent impairment and modifier profile.

“PacketStorm emulators are the only instruments on the market that provide a comprehensive set of features to completely recreate the real world effects of packet networks,” said James Rodden, PacketStorm Communications vice-president of Marketing. “In addition to the emulator’s flexible and comprehensive capabilities, users have indicated the graphical and scripting interfaces allow them to start testing immediately.”


The PacketStorm2600E is available immediately

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