PacketStorm Communications Releases PacketStorm6XG Independent Delay Values

Eatontown, New Jersey (December 14, 2015)
PacketStorm Communications® announced today the release of independent delay values for multiple paths in the same direction. PacketStorm continues to enhance the 6XG network emulator to provide the most comprehensive suite of high performance and precision network emulation capabilities.

The PacketStorm6XG’s option for multiple delay values adds to the following video application features: Dynamic, On-the Fly Changes, DropNOW, FEC Aware impairments, Active Video filter, Hitless impairments, and RTP filters. Video standards addressed by the 6XG include SMPTE2022-1, SMPTE2022-2, SMPTE2022-5, SMPTE2022-6, and SMPTE2022-7. PacketStorm IP network emulators have been the industry leaders for the past fifteen years by providing high performance and a full set of advanced features.

The above enhancements are available immediately for new systems or can be added to any of the systems currently installed in the field. Pricing information can be obtained by contacting the Sales Department of PacketStorm Communications at (732) 544-2434 x208 or your local PacketStorm sales representative.

About PacketStorm Communications, Inc.
PacketStorm Communications, Inc. is a test equipment manufacturer concentrating on Internet Protocol applications. Located in Eatontown, NJ, the company was founded in 1998 and is a private entity. More information can be obtained by calling (732) 544-2434 or by visiting

Interview Contact: Jack Douglass
Telephone: (732) 544-2434