PacketStorm Communications Releases VLAN and MPLS For Their Award Winning IP Network Emulators

Eatontown, New Jersey (July 10, 2003)
PacketStorm Communications® announced today the release of several new options for their award winning line of IP Network Emulators including Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and VLAN tag filters and modifiers.

“Customers have been indicating to us that they’re in the process of designing products which utilize the improvements offered by MPLS and are also working on the development of Virtual Network Pathways with VLAN tags” said James Rodden, PacketStorm’s Director of Marketing. “As our customers move forward and integrate the latest technologies into their networks, we need to continue to be the industry leader by offering the same cutting edge tools in a timely fashion. It’s advanced features like these that has made PacketStorm the most versatile, powerful and realistic network emulator available.”

By utilizing the new MPLS and VLAN options, users will be able to modify the contents of a MPLS shim or VLAN tag, select packets for impairment based on the value of these fields, insert a MPLS shim or VLAN tag, and delete a MPLS shim or VLAN tag.

Both MPLS and VLAN filters and modifiers can be ordered immediately for new systems or can be added to any of the systems currently installed in the field. Pricing is available directly from PacketStorm or through their worldwide Distribution Channel.

About PacketStorm Communications, Inc.
PacketStorm Communications, Inc. is a test equipment manufacturer concentrating on Internet Protocol applications. Located in Eatontown, NJ, the company was founded in 1998 and is a private entity. More information can be obtained by calling (732) 544-2434 or by visiting