PacketStorm6XG – IABM Game Changer Awards 2017 Winner



Brick, New Jersey (April 26, 2017)
PacketStorm Communications is pleased to announce that the PacketStorm6XG is an IABM Game Changer Awards 2017 Winner for Test, Quality, Control and Monitoring.

The PacketStorm6XG is a unique lab tool specifically designed for developers and end users to test video applications. The 6XG is the only product that emulates the following functions: FEC Aware Matrices for ST 2022- 1/2 and 5/6 testing, Synchronized Burst Loss for ST 2022- 6/7 testing, Transparent Clock Switch Emulation (End to End, Peer to Peer, One Step, Two Step), PTP Timestamp Offset, ST 2059 Time Discontinuities (Jam, Jump, DST/ST, Leap), and Best Master Clock Modifier.

“PacketStorm Communications has worked very closely with the VSF, JT-NM and SMPTE to develop specific test configurations on the 6XG for the Interop events and demonstrations.  This has allowed the industry to create a set of standardized tests to help validate the rapidly changing video standards and vendor designs” stated by Jack Douglass, PacketStorm VP of Business Development and Marketing, Video Services Forum Officer, Chairman of Video Services Forum (VSF) Interop Workshop Working Group, Chairman of JT-NM Interop Working Group, and Chairman of SMPTE 32NF-80 Drafting Group for ST2059 PTP Interoperability Testing.

Link to award interview video:

Award Interview Video


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