Our Products: Network Emulators, Media Analyzers, Stream Generators, & More

PacketStorm Communications has a product list that includes IP network emulators, stream replicator, media analyzer, capture & replay system, and network recording devices.

Network Emulators

Typical uses include WAN emulation and network simulation for Enterprises, network devices, and software applications. The family of IP network emulators ranges from the Tornado software to 100 Gbps hardware. Most of the hardware IP network emulators and the PSCapture software have network recording capabilities. Network emulation is implemented by using filters, impairments, and modifiers.

Each IP network emulator is designed for a particular application.  The PacketStorm200E emulator provides network emulation in a portable chassis. The PacketStorm400E and Hurricane III are designed for Gigabit applications. The Hurricane V, 8XG, and XXG are designed for 10 Gigabit and higher data rates.

Stream Generator / Replicator

The product accepts up to 48 input streams and replicates them exactly with different header information to make thousands of unique streams. Load and stress test network and access equipment with real video not synthetic video traffic. Eliminates the need for large number of servers or encoders to generator high capacity video. Replicated streams are treated just like streams from real encoders and servers. Many switches and routers are video aware and need to be tested with real video traffic. One unique feature of the replicator is that streams can be added and deleted during emulation. This dynamic capability provides a way to simulate different applications such as ad insertions and defense targets.

Capture & Replay System (CRS)

The CRS is focused at the video market to capture large files and replay them. The PacketStorm CRS is a packet capture and replay system with hardware time stamping at 100Gbps. The user specifies which packets to capture based on the filter parameters. The CRS file management includes automatic file compression and decompression. Operation is via the console or the remote GUI.


Network Recording

PacketStorm’s network recording captures the network characteristics which can be transferred and replayed in a PacketStorm hardware emulator. PSCapture software provides real time graphs and histograms as the network characteristics data is being captured.

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