• Easy-to-use GUI
  • Line Rate 1G or 10G
  • Up to 48 Input Streams
  • Up to 4000 Output Streams
  • Sequential or Non-Sequential Addresses
  • Maintain Original Stream’s Characteristics
  • Replicate Live Streams
  • Modify Source & Destination Addresses & Ports
  • Modify MAC & VLAN
  • Recalculate CRC, IP, & UDP/TCP Checksums
  • Automatic Multicast MAC Address Caculation
  • IGMP v2 & v3 Join/Queries
  • Video Server Simulator


Load / Stress Test network and access equipment with real video not synthetic video traffic

Eliminates the need for large number of servers or encoders to generator high capacity video

Replicated streams are treated just like streams from real encoders and servers

Many switches and routers are video aware and need to be tested with real video traffic

It is important to test with the application that are going to be used, not just data.

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